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‘1883’ Here’s How Sam Elliott Jabbed Tim McGraw for Forgetting a Line

It seems that anytime a member of the 1883 cast talks about Sam Elliott, it is with awe. Tim McGraw is no different.

1883 has taken TV by storm. There are all kinds of buzz around the neo-western series. With McGraw and wife Faith Hill at the center of the series, they have a lot of responsibilities. That includes running those media hits and getting out on the late-night show.

During The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, McGraw took the time to sit down and talk for a few minutes. He came out looking much different from his James Dutton character. He looks more like the country singer that we all know and love. Check out the video below and see for yourself.

During the interview, McGraw talked about missing a line during the iconic saloon shootout with Billy Bob Thornton. After bandits murdered multiple people in the caravan, including Mary Abel, Elsa Dutton’s cousin. The 1883 star was so into the scene, he forgot his line!

“‘Gosh, Sam, I’m sorry I forgot my line. I was supposed to deliver a line to you,’” McGraw remembers saying to Elliott. “And Sam goes, ‘I noticed.’ And then he goes, ‘At least you’ve got the squint down.’ I walk off and get on my mark again and go, ‘dang he just jabbed me.’ So, a few minutes later I walk back over to him and I say, ‘You know, Sam, the squint worked pretty good for Clint Eastwood.’ He goes, ‘Yeah, it did.’”

Perhaps that was a gentle way of telling McGraw that he is no Eastwood. Really, it just sounds like two costars having a good time on set together. The chemistry is obvious on 1883 with so many characters.

‘1883’ Was ‘Hardest Thing’ That McGraw and Hill Have Done
There is so much great chemistry between the actors on set likely due to the fact everyone was involved in the cowboy camp that Taylor Sheridan put together. During that time they got to know one another, and the skills necessary to make the show a success. Nothing came easy for anyone during the training.

“It is physically the hardest thing we’ve done,” Faith Hill said about the journey. “For Tim to say that, and those of you that know Tim, my husband, he is physically in shape. He can handle everything.” They went head first into this challenge and have come out on the other side relatively unscathed.

So far, this season has delivered on the drama. There are many deadly things lurking around every corner of the journey. Death has become as common as life itself for the wagon train. The Duttons are doing their best to keep pace. Shea and Thomas are trying to keep life in camp in order. And 1883 fans are looking forward to the next installment of the show.

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