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General Hospital Star’s Daughter Cast as the Woman Who May Change One Couple’s Life Forever

It’s a family affair off screen at General Hospital — one that might just expand an on-screen family from a party of two to a party of three. Lily Anne Harrison makes her Port Charles debut this week as Andrea, a potential surrogate for TJ and Molly.

As you might’ve guessed, that last name is no coincidence. The actress is indeed the daughter of Gregory Harrison, and she’s been auditioning for roles on General Hospital for years — long before her dad hit town in 2020. “I actually went in to read for a different role, which was a quite sinister role,” Harrison told Soap Opera Digest of finally hitting the casting jackpot. “They called and said, ‘You’re better for Andrea. Do you want to do it? And I was very excited.”

Sounds to us like she might have been trying out for naughty nanny Betty Rutherford. Andrea, in contrast, is “super-wholesome and genuine,” Harrison said. “She sort of hits it off with TJ and Molly right away.”

Harrison’s just the latest “inside job” at the hospital show. Viewers recently saw Kin Shriner’s ladylove Trish Ramish pop up again as Metro Court hostess Trish, and Josh Swickard’s real-life wife Lauren Swickard played a stern Ferncliff nurse/secret Chase and Blaze superfan. Did the actress’ dad, Gregory, give her any tips before she started her soap work? Yup, he sure did! “He was like, ‘Look, it’s a lot of lines, but it’s a lot of fun once you get into the swing of it,’” said Harrison. “He was actually really helpful.”

Harrison revealed that they had a “sort of funny daddy/daughter work day” ahead of her real first day on set, wherein her father took her around to his dressing room and the soundstage and showed her the ropes. As such, her first scene involving TJ and Molly’s surrogacy weren’t quite so nerve-wracking.

“They were both so friendly and welcoming and open,” Harrison said of working with Tajh Bellow and Brooke Ann Smith. “It all went pretty smoothly.”

Can the same be said for Molly and TJ’s plans to have a baby? We’ll find out soon enough.

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