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Kevin Costner Helped Harrison Ford Land One of the Most Famous Films of All Time

Kevin Costner is among the most talented veteran actors in Hollywood. The actor has contributed to the cinematic industry with numerous classics like Dances with Wolves, The Untouchables, The Guardian, Thirteen Days, and others. The actor worked in a show with the legendary actor, Harrison Ford, in Yellowstone. The Indiana Jones star owes one of his most iconic roles to Costner.

Open Range actor passed on a character written specifically for him, to actor Harrison Ford, which completely changed the career trajectory of the star.

Kevin Costner as John Dutton in Yellowstone

Kevin Costner gave his role in Air Force One to Harrison Ford
The Indiana Jones legend and 81-year-old star, Harrison Ford, played the role of President of the United States in the 1997 mega blockbuster. The actor was widely appreciated for his role in the film Air Force One, directed and co-produced by Wolfgang Petersen. It became one of the highest-grossing films of the year.

Given the unbelievable success of the film, it would be difficult to imagine the role of Harrison Ford was initially offered to another actor. As per reports, the film Air Force One was written for Kevin Costner. He also helped in developing the action film with Beacon Communications and writer Andrew W. Marlowe in 1996.

Harrison Ford Air Force One 2

However, the actor had to eventually pass on the role in the film due to work delays with his upcoming film, The Postman. Hence, Costner called up Harrison Ford and offered him the golden role. He accepted it and made it one of his most iconic characters in the history of cinema.

Ford shared with The Los Angeles Times,

“This was a script that Kevin Costner originally had and he gave it to me. Kevin knew this was a big commercial movie and his schedule didn’t allow him to do it. And he told [the producers] he would let it go only if I could do it. Now Kevin and I are not intimates. I’ve met him on a number of occasions and I like him very much. And I like him a lot more now because he really threw a winner my way.”

The Postman turned out to be a box office failure.

Harrison Ford was not good friends with Kevin Costner when he was offered the role
The lead role in the commercial hit film Air Force One helped Harrison Ford solidify his career in Hollywood. The actor was thankful to Kevin Costner from the bottom of his heart for giving him the chance.

One might think that the two stared were best friends to do such a favor for one another. However, this was not the case. Ford shared in a conversation with the Los Angeles Times,

“Now Kevin and I are not intimates. I’ve met him on a number of occasions, and I like him very much. I like him a lot more now because he really threw a winner my way.”

Kevin Costner in Yellowstone

He further added,

“I respect Kevin enormously and his body of work and everything he’s done, and the work he’s doing in ‘Yellowstone,’ but I’m on my own path. We haven’t had a chance to catch up, but I’m looking forward to it.”

Screen legends Kevin Costner and Harrison Ford are integral parts of Taylor Sheridan’s famous show Yellowstone. However, they have never talked about the connection between their characters.

Air Force One is available for rent on Apple TV.

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